January News

As we say goodbye to 2018, I wish you a happy, healthy & prosperous 2019.

This is the time of year where we put our heads together to see how we can continue another year of bringing the best hospitality experiences to you each time you choose to visit us.

Hilary will be planting the bulbs soon so already I am seeing the garden springing back to color from the winter. Our lovely crabapple & pear tree have to be pruned to bring out their best next spring & summer.

We are starting to plan Local weekday dinner specials & Spring menu changes.

I’ve been working too much this year so I have trips planned to rest. First a trip to Singapore to visit mum & old friends, but that’s just an excuse to EAT. In Singapore there’s a saying that goes “Die, die must try” translated to mean you have to try that (food) even if it kills you to get to it & try it. Singaporeans take their eating very seriously & the food is “to die for” so I generally put on a few extra pounds when I visit. It’s worth it :).

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Join us in the new year!

Check out Robin's menu for 2019 Restaurant Month! Dinners will be 3 courses for $33, available Sunday - Thursday, January 2nd - 31st.

Click to download menu.


Thanks to our generous patrons we were able donate $1,200 to the Red Cross & Restaurant Care disaster fund to assist people in the hospitality industry affected by the Woolsey and Camp Fires.

Thank you for contributing!

Fiero Kitchen Catering brings together dishes from our family of restaurants to perfect your special event! Click here for a brochure.

The biggest challenge this year will be how to sustain the more than $20,000 labor increase with the minimum wage increase on Jan 1st. First let me state that I am not against minimum wage increases but do strongly believe a person’s entire take home earnings from his/her job has to be factored into determining if they are a minimum wage employee or not. This increase, along with the general increase in kitchen labor due to the shortage of labor, makes running restaurants extra challenging these days. Restaurants average 5% in net profit & there are many ways that costs can run amok. I tell you this to enlighten you on the labor challenge & to prepare you for inevitable menu price increases by all restaurants. There really isn’t any position that makes minimum wage in restaurants & definitely not in any of ours. Tipped staff that are paid minimum wages in reality make considerably more than $15/hour. It’s the kitchen labor force that needs that $1 raise not the tipped staff, but as a restaurant owner my hands are tied as to who the increase goes to. The shortage of labor to fill positions is rising to a situation that is forcing the restaurant industry to look at new ways to continue doing business to remain sustainable. In all my 34 years in the industry, this is definitely the most challenging time for running restaurants. Still love it though. There’s great satisfaction in making someone’s day through warm & generous hospitality & great food. It makes my day.

With much gratitude for your business, friendship & loyalty,

Shanny & the Robin's team

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